Hey there! I am Thiago, based in brazil and working at a company called Moskit.



Highly skilled and motivated Backend Developer with expertise in Java and Groovy programming languages, along with extensive knowledge of the Spring Framework and Quarkus Framework. Proficient in event-driven development with messaging systems like ActiveMQ for efficient communication. Acquainted with various databases, such as: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MariaDB. Experienced in building and maintaining robust Rest APIs, SOAP services with HTTP and RPC protocols. Passionate about delivering scalable and performant backend solutions.


Studied Information Systems at IFMA - Federal Institute of Maranhao, troughtout the course had to cover a wide range of topics, including database management, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, software development, project management, and data analytics. Building a solid foundation in areas such as data modeling, data warehousing, system integration, and information security. By delving into real-world case studies and hands-on projects, i learnt to apply theoretical concepts to practical scenarios.

where i been.

  • Ocidental informatica - Intern FullStack Developer | Sep 2019 - Feb 2020
  • Agrotols - Junior FullStack Developer | Jan 2021 - Jul 2021
  • Pulse - Junior FullStack Developer | Aug 2021 - Aug 2022
  • Moskit - Mid Backend Developer | Sep 2022 - moment